Euro Coins Swapping from FRANCE

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Euro Coins Swapping from FRANCE

Postitus Postitas FrenchPierre » 08 Apr 2018, 21:40

Hello !

My name is Pierre, i live in the south of France. I am a new Euro coins collector and i am looking for people from others countrys who are interested by Euro coins swapping.

I collect all coins from each country in the euro zone.

I don't look the years but i look the different series (like : SPAIN 1999-2009 or 2010-2014 and after 2015).

Circulation coins only.

In my place, i find coins from Spain, Germany, Belgium and Malta coins (and France, ...of course!)
I am interested by euro coins from Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and baltic states.

So if you are looking for coins from those coutries, please send me a message. I'm sure that, in your place, you easily find coins that i can not have here.